Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

HPH Rules & Regulations Condo 1

HPH Rules & Regulations Condo 2

HPH Rules & Regulations Condo 3


Below are additional items that are common to all condo groups.

Safety document

Approved Terrace Privacy Panels–September 2023


Laundry Rooms

Each condo has its own laundry equipment company.  If a washer or dryer breaks down or malfunctions, call the appropriate number.

Condo I: Tedi Matts – 888.246.4545
Condo II: Tedi Matts – 888.246.4545
Condo III: Tedi Matts – 888.246.4545

If your laundry room card has become damaged or lost, you can get a replace from the Management Office.  The cost is $5 – $6.

Condo 1 –To refill cards, for new/replacement cards (cash & credit cards accepted)—2nd floor laundry room
Condo 2—To refill cards, for new/replacement cards (cash & credit cards accepted)—3rd floor laundry room
Condo 3—To refill cards, for new/replacement cards (cash & credit cards accepted)—2nd  floor laundry room

Laundry Room Notice  (for reference only)

Laundry Room FAQs  (for reference only)


Trash Rooms

Trash Room  (for reference only)

Trash Room Recycling   (for reference only)

Town of Greenburgh – Recycling Guide   (for reference only)


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